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The interests of patients are at the heart of everything that we do

Our mission:

Improving the quality and life expectancy of people by providing to the population of Ukraine modern drugs and products for health.

Professional maintenance of the product from registration to sale:

  • Pharmaceutical Market Analysis
  • Registration of medicines
  • Development of a step-by-step marketing strategy and its implementation
  • Medical marketing
  • Maintenance and promotion of sales

We are working to create a balanced portfolio of products and solutions that will ensure a long-term sustainable growth in sales.

We focus on increasing the market share in key areas – prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, medical products and cosmetics.
We are sure that clearly defined mission, strategy and highly developed culture will allow us to create long-term values for the company, partners, customers and society as a whole.
D&D Pharmaceutical invests significant financial resources in projects that increase efficiency and improve the results of treatment, increasing the life expectancy of patients.
The company is aimed at creating innovative drugs and solutions that meet the ever-growing needs of patients and society and can significantly affect the results of treatment.

Why choose us as a reliable partner for the exclusive promotion of products in the long-term perspective:

  • Team with more than 15 years of successful experience in promoting drugs, dietary supplements and medical products in the Ukrainian market
  • Well-established communications with the main leaders of opinions in the field of public health allow us, in a short period of time, to convey the key messages to a wide range of specialists
  • The huge experience of participation of our employees in international, national and regional events provide the necessary coverage of any specialists and inform them about the main competitive advantages of the products.
  • An effective team of medical representatives, always focused on fulfilling ambitious business tasks.
  • Thanks to the introduction of modern CRM systems, we have the possibility of daily monitoring of the main macro and micro indicators, which significantly increases the speed and efficiency in making managerial decisions.
  • Competent personnel motivation system of D&D Pharmaceutical maximally involves and stimulates all employees to give always 100%
  • The system of control and audit of employees of external service and marketing, allows to make optimum personnel decisions in any situation
  • The analytical department constantly monitors the main market indicators of our brands, allowing D&D Pharmaceutical always keep an eye on the pulse of events.
  • The innovative system of training representatives, allows in the shortest possible time to prepare a team for the launch of new products, regardless of the direction

Responsible approach to work and the introduction of our values into the corporate culture and the decision-making process helps us to justify the expectations of society.

What are the values that we share with the employees of D&D pharmaceutical:

  • To be responsible, conscientious and enthusiastic
  • To be persistent in achieving your goals
  • To be the best in one’s business
  • To evolve, to improve and to be open up for a new