About us

We are sure that a clearly formulated goal, a correctly chosen strategy and professionalism of the team are the guaranree of success in the implementation of any projects.

Our company strives to create innovative tools and solutions that meet the ever-growing needs of patients and society.

Responsible approach in solving problems and the implementation of our values ​​in the corporate culture and decision-making process helps us to meet the expectations of society.

We are working to create a balanced portfolio of products and solutions that can ensure long-term steady sales growth.

Why we are  chosen as a reliable partner for the exclusive products presentation in the long term:

  • Our team has more than 15 years of successful experience in promoting medicines, dietary supplements and medical products in the Ukrainian market.
  • We maintain well-established communications with the key opinion leaders in the healthcare sector which allows us to transmit key messages to a wide range of professionals and patients quickly.
  • Our staffs have extensive experience of participating in international, national and regional events in order to expand contacts with specialists and convey the main competitive products advantages.
  • Our effective team of medical representatives is always focused on ambitious business tasks.
  • Thanks to the introduction of modern CRM systems we have the ability to monitor the main macro and micro indicators which significantly increases the speed and efficiency of management decision making.
  • Our competent staff motivation system attracts and encourages all employees to do their best.
  • We use system of control and audit of our external service and marketing staff it allows us to make optimal personnel decisions in all situations.
  • Our analytical department constantly monitors key market indicators in the pharmaceutical arena allowing D&D Pharmaceutical to keep abreast of developments always.
  • Innovative training system of the medical representatives allows us quickly prepare our team for the completion of new products.

Our activities cover the areas of:

  • Neurology
  • Women’s Health
  • Urology and Andrology
  • Dermatology
  • OTC

In the active base of medical representatives of the company there are more than 6000 pharmacies and about 9 000 physicians:

  •  1 500 Neurologists
  •  1 000 Urologists
  •  1 000 Dermatologists
  •  2 500 Gynecologists
  •  3 000 Family doctors