Dyсlonium gel for joints and spine 50g.

Dyсlonium gel for joints and spine is used to improve the functional state of the spine, joints and soft tissues at the slaughter, discomfort and pain due to excessive loads on the musculoskeletal system; helps to reduce swelling and resorption of hematoma.

Not a drug.  Cosmetic gel. Consult your doctor before using.

Composition: distilled water, propylene glycol, isopropanol, dimethyl sulfoxide, sodium diclofenac, menthol, cellulose, fenonip, bodyaga powder, Rosemary essential oil, citral, BNT.

Ingredients  Properties

Sodium diclofenac helps reduce inflammation and associated edema and pain.

Menthol acts in two phases. Since the onset of action, menthol activates cold skin receptors, resulting in a feeling of freshness and slow down the pain. During the second phase, the vessels expand, blood supply increases, as a result of which there is a feeling of warmth and pain also decreases.

Dimethoxide capable of penetrating the skin together with the substances with which it is in the mixture, thus bringing them to the bottom of the tissues.  Dimethoxide  also has its own anti-inflammatory effect.

Bodyaga this is a kind of fresh-water sponges, the body of which has a spongy structure in the form of cells with membranes, which are formed with silica, calcium salts and protein substances sponginin. Silica crystals, which have the shape of small needles, when rubbed into the skin together with spongyinin, cause local irritation and increased blood circulation, resulting in distracting and analgesic activity, as well as the process of restoring damaged tissues and hematoma resorption is activated.

Dyсlonium  gel may be recommended if these symptoms are present:

  • pain in the spine (neck, breast department, across);
  • joint pain in chronic illnesses;
  • joint pain and bones due to slaughter and damages;
  • pain and discomfort due to overloading of the musculoskeletal system.

Dyсlonium gel can help if the cause of pain in the joints, bones, soft tissues and lower back is the slaughter, which are accompanied by hematomas (bruises).