FOLIO is an original combination of a folic acid and iodine manufactured by a German Company “Steripharm” and specially designed for women who are pregnant, breast-feeding or plan pregnancy. Every woman who plans pregnancy or who expects a child is told by doctors how important it is for her and her child a sufficient intake of iodine and folic acid.

Unfortunately not always the obstetricians inform about the fact that, for example, each year 34 thousand children in Ukraine are born with a lower intelligence. Water and food in Ukraine do not contain a sufficient level of iodine, especially in the western regions. And we consume very little marine fish which is rich in these micronutrients. Meanwhile, it is needed every day for the synthesis of thyroid hormones involved in all the metabolic processes.

WHO experts have estimated that an adult requires 150 micrograms of iodine and a safe daily dose is 500 mcg, because the thyroid gland accumulates only 15 % from this amount (the rest is excreted by the kidneys). During pregnancy and breastfeeding the need for iodine increases to 200 micrograms, this is associated with an increase in its excretion and expenditure for the synthesis of thyroid hormones of a fetus from 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, as well as with an increasing metabolism in a woman’s organism. What is threatening about the iodine deficiency for a future mother? First of all, it is a spontaneous abortion, preeclampsia, early detachment of the placenta, premature birth, stillbirth and bleeding.

The iodine deficiency constitutes a great danger for a child also: anemia, malnutrition, hearing disorders, hypothyroidism, delayed physical and mental development up to cretinism. Equally important for a child’s health is a folic acid, especially in the early stages of pregnancy (before 16 weeks). Its sufficient level is a pledge for the proper formation of cells, tissues and organs. Deficiency can also cause underweight, impaired maturation of the gastrointestinal mucosa and skin, severe damage of a nervous system and malformations (“cleft lip”, “cleft palate” etc.). It seems that a folic acid is found in many kinds of a plant food (leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, cereals), but in its natural form it has an unstable folates form that are poorly absorbed. Deficiency of this vitamin is typical for all pregnant women, so it is administrated 400 mcg daily. Besides a synthetic folic acid has twice as high bioavailability. According to some experts, 90% of pregnant and lactating women have a deficiency of a folic acid and iodine, even if the need for other vitamins is fully met by a balanced diet.

So, even an administration of the special multivitamin complexes is not always justified. Moreover, a negative trend is observed: it leads to an increase in growth and birth weight by 30-40 %, and if a fetus is large, there is a higher probability of a complicated labor. It is appropriate to recommend for women who plan pregnancy, expect a child or breastfeed a special product that contains only two components: iodine (in the form of a potassium iodide 200 mcg) and a folic acid (400 mcg). Its regular administration is a simple and safe way to maintain the health of a mother and child.