Liver is the main filter of a human body. It protects all organs from the negative effect of the outside environment. Every day while breathing or with food we absorb a great amount of harmful and toxic substances. Our liver cannot cope with such a high toxic load, and a growing number of toxins and wastes are accumulated in our organism. It means that we should regularly protect our liver and take prophylactic measures. Mostly it concerns the overweight people with hepatitis and different intoxications.

You can protect your liver with the help of our new product HEPANAZE™, an original, natural and complex hepatoprotector. The main characteristic feature of HEPANAZE™ is its unique composition. Three active components complete and reinforce each other’s effect. The product includes: Milk Thistle Extract, Corn Stigma Extract and flowers of Calendula officinalis.

Milk Thistle Extract has the ability to protect the liver cells in case of an acute or chronic intoxication, stimulates the microcirculation and reparation processes, reduces the degree of liver steatosis and normalizes liver function.

Corn Stigma Extract improves the properties of the bile, provides its passage, and removes its congestion. The ingredients of the Extract have a mild diuretic action, restore fluid-and-electrolyte balance and reduce an irregular appetite.

Flowers of Calendula officinalis have the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties; stimulate the regeneration processes and local defense activity.

HEPANAZE™ is recommended as a dietary supplement to food ration in case of biliary dyskinesia, cholecystitis, toxic liver damage (including alcohol), chronic hepatitis, liver steatosis, cirrhosis, and also after the removal of a gall bladder.

It is recommended for adults – 1 capsule 2-3 times per day during meal with water. Treatment cycle – 1 month, if necessary, repeated treatment cycles may be administrated several times a year.

Give your liver a bouquet of health!

Conclusion of SSEE as of 16.11.2012, No. 05.03.02-04/112470

Before use it is recommended to read the instruction for use and consult a doctor.